transforming iceland: where sustainability meets growth

in many ways iceland is at the forefront of the global response to climate change. the country also finds itself at a pivotal crossroads as their energy, food, and tourism industries are changing as fast as the landscape itself.

the 2023 planet forward storyfest winners embarked on a 5-day journey aboard the national geographic resolution with lindblad expeditions up and down the western shores of iceland’s dramatic and primordial cliffs.


transforming iceland: where sustainability meets growth
aaron dye

the storyfest winners’ stories reflect the transitions that iceland is currently navigating. during their travels, each student gained a deeper understanding of the complexity of iceland’s position in the global green energy arena, their national identity as a model for green policies, and the teeming ecosystems of iceland’s cliffs that can seem so barren from afar.

these stories will cover the ecology of one of the world’s youngest islands, the stories icelanders tell about the land and their relationships to it, the impact of melting glaciers, among more topics that hold great significance to our global response to climate change. check back here for each student’s story and their personal reflections on their time in iceland.

cassidy hough, michigan state university, takes some video at a site outside of reykjavik. (aaron dye)

editor’s note: lindblad expeditions, our planet forward storyfest competition partner, made this series possible by providing winners with an experiential learning opportunity aboard one of their ships. icelandair also generously provided airfare to the competition winners. all editorial content is created independently. we thank lindblad expeditions and icelandair for their support of our project.