how to partner with planet forward

planet forward’s mission is to teach and empower the next generation of sustainability storytellers to inform, inspire, and generate positive social and environmental impact. we place special emphasis on working with students and schools from underrepresented communities and disciplines.

how to partner with planet forward

become a partner

planet forward sponsorship has several core benefits:

  • the opportunity for your organization to contribute to a positive role in an interdisciplinary and uplifting conversation about science, technology, sustainability, corporate social responsibility, and our planet
  • annual visual and verbal sponsorship acknowledgement on all planet forward materials online, on gw’s campus, and in appropriate materials across media platforms
  • participation in events and conversations focusing on the most effective ways to communicate sustainability issues
  • opportunity to work with and/or recruit students for internships or entry-level positions
  • support planet forward student research and reporting on sustainability solutions

working together to grow the next generation of leaders

engagement in planet forward is pivotal, and we actively seek to collaborate with innovative organizations committed to outreach and education around sustainability and storytelling. through our partnerships, we strive to generate a dynamic dialogue through media and live events.

planet forward would be thrilled to welcome your organization to our network and this important conversation.

contact us to become a partner

a diverse group of students smiles for the camera. each holds a small paper flag with cfs 46 written on it in different languages.

brendon smith, assoc. director of development, gw columbian college of arts & sciences | 202-994-3467