welcome, students!

we are a passionate team of student storytellers and innovators from across the country, crafting compelling narratives and uncovering solutions that will propel our planet forward toward a more sustainable future. our storytellers have brought us up close to the deserts of jordan, sustainable ecotourism practices in new zealand, and groundwork solutions to the water crisis in the navajo nation. check out these stories and the many other multimedia narratives published right here on our website!

we love expanding our dynamic network of storytellers and we invite you to get involved and publish your work on our platform! here are a couple ways to do this.

welcome, students!

share your story

join us as a contributor! this is a very flexible way to get involved that allows you to submit a story in the format of your choice any time you want. we welcome q&a’s, podcasts, videos, photo essays, written work, even music or art. let your creativity guide you and tell us a story that will move the plant forward!

become a correspondent

student correspondents work with our editorial team to create four stories in an academic year. these stories are prominently showcased on our website and social media pages and become a significant part of an individual’s public portfolio. as a correspondent, you’ll enjoy many opportunities to collaborate with other students, experts, and media leaders from around the country and gain valuable exposure on our platforms. applications for the 2023-2024 academic year are currently closed.

enter storyfest

storyfest is our annual environmental storytelling competition in which any student may enter. each year, students submit their work and are evaluated in categories ranging from best video to best written journalism. there is no story more gripping than that of our changing planet — and the solutions to sustain it. this year, we highlighted stories about the role of shellfish in threatened coastal ecosystems, innovative agrivoltaic farms in colorado, and reconciliation with nature in the face of plastic pollution.

send us your most captivating narrative and enter storyfest next year for a chance to join the planet forward team on an immersive learning expedition!