welcome, professors!

planet forward offers you exceptional opportunities to engage your students in the world of environmental journalism and science communication. here are a few ways to collaborate with planet forward and incorporate our unique resources to achieve your classroom goals.

classroom resources
welcome, professors!

join our 2022年世界杯亚洲预选赛结果

interested in joining the planet forward campus 2022年世界杯亚洲预选赛结果 ? this network is made up of diverse universities and colleges from around the united states. they have unique access to our events, workshops, and learning opportunities. they promote our work and can promote your story, too. 

bring us to your classroom

schedule a virtual visit between planet forward and your classroom to delve into the processes of story brainstorming, editing and effective science communication.

send us a message below to set up your virtual visit!

bring students to the summit

register to attend the summit, and bring your students!

each spring, the planet forward summit brings together students, advocates, innovators, scientists, and storytellers from communities around the world. this year, we heard from a national geographic storyteller, an environmental filmmaker, a climate communication innovator, and many more impactful voices. stay tuned to see the inspiring leaders we will hear from next year and check out highlights from our previous summits below! registration for the next summit will open in the 2024 spring semester.

together, we’ll share compelling stories that inform, inspire, and mobilize. they’ll show how stories lead to action — and how you can be a powerful storyteller.