peril & promise: how is climate change changing the way we view food?

peril & promise: how is climate change changing the way we view food?

despite how it looks, this is not a plate of eggs. it's a plant-based egg substitute that looks and tastes remarkably like the real thing.

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would you eat plant-based eggs or lab-grown meat? 

health and climate are inspiring change in what’s on the menu and california-based company eat just is on the forefront of this food revolution.

host frank sesno speaks with josh balk, co-founder of eat just, which has produced and sells plant-based eggs and now, manufactured chicken. the first restaurant is now serving it in singapore, and he says more manufactured food – chicken and fish – is on the way. started from a single cell, say from a feather, in a lab, then ultimately to your plate, it uses a fraction of the water, produces a fraction of the waste, methane, and other things that pollute and warm the planet.

then we hear from planet 世界杯欧洲预选赛免费直播 mary magnuson about insect farming. high in protein, low in planetary impact – are lime-cilantro grasshopper tacos the future?

find out more in our latest episode of planet forward, seen on pbs’s peril and promise and produced in association with asu’s global futures laboratory:


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