planet forward summit makes headlines

planet forward summit makes headlines

epa administrator michael s. regan, right, vowed to “reinject science” into federal climate policy in a conversation with planet forward founder frank sesno, left, at the 2021 planet forward summit.

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the planet forward summit drew students and experts from across the country, and around the world, to consider actions needed to address and communicate climate change. at this year’s event, our focus was on the urgency of the climate crisis, environmental equity, inclusion — and the narratives that propel them. 

speakers included new epa  administrator michael s. regan, nbc’s legendary broadcaster al roker, national geographic explorer and filmmaker john d. sutter, the mayor of phoenix — the hottest city in america — kate gallego, and gw’s own president thomas j. leblanc. student correspondents highlighted their work and we proudly announced the winners of the planet forward storyfest 2021 competition.

these interviews to come, shared here later this week.

in the meantime, read a summit summary in this story from gw today.

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